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when did the damn layout change again??? - Rage More

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September 23rd, 2004

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12:10 am - when did the damn layout change again???
My dogs can tell when a storm comes. They all act differently. Today while at work I got Powder a Halloween Costume. She is a Hula Girl.

haha doesn't she look like such a viscous pitbull?
Here is precious hiding behind the kitchen table as the wind kicks up.

Cheyenne just sits on her dog bed wondering what the hell is going on

Jasmine is the weirdest of all my dogs, you can just look and see she isn't right in the head.

Noel the Shiba Inu has to take calming pills because she freaks out at every little noise. So she looks relaxed in this picture for that reason.

And this boy is guarding his food.

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